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Our secret ingredient is no secret...

It's our great quality food, our commitment to service and our wonderful team of staff!


Beat Kitchen

Casual gourmet with freedom. 

Get in Touch

Phone: 022 188 1824

Address: Wakapuaka, Nelson


Beat Kitchen

A few years ago, we bought a retired Japanese library bus and built a commercial kitchen in it. Since then, we’ve catered around the Wellington and Wairarapa regions and now based in Nelson. We built our food truck to be a self-sufficient commercial kitchen. Bringing our own kitchen ensures that your meals are freshly prepared and there is an efficient use of time, money and ingredients. Our food truck is a fully self-sufficient commercial kitchen.  Completely mobile, so you have more freedom to choose a perfect venue. 


Casual gourmet is our specialty. Talk to us about your favourite dishes and how we could incorporate them into your bespoke menu. Getting your meals directly from the kitchen means they are fresh and get to you as the chefs intended.  Our Street Food catering style ensures quality meals get to the guests efficiently. No food waste and less staff required. 

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